Our Programs

Helping with Cancer Costs

In an attempt to relieve some of the financial burdens that cancer patients face, Chattanooga Cancer Support Services has developed several programs to offer support to our clients. 

Case Management

A cancer diagnosis brings emotional, financial, and logistical difficulties to patients and families. When juggling cancer treatment and side effects, navigating an already daunting system can be increasingly frustrating. Though many resources are available, patients may need to gain knowledge of these resources or the ability to obtain them. Our social workers are trained to find the resources available in our community and are proficient at applying for assistance. 

Financial Navigation

Even though cancer can be a treatable disease, many treatments can lead to illnesses that leave an individual unable to work.  According to research listed on cancer.org, 40 percent of Americans are unable to pay for an unanticipated expense that is over $400. Therefore, a cancer diagnosis can lead to significant economic difficulty. Our financial navigation program seeks to meet that need at the root by assessing individuals for Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace eligibility as well as for special programs and grants that may alleviate the financial burden that a cancer diagnosis can bring.


Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. For many, cancer is both a physical and an emotional fight. A cancer diagnosis and its treatment are often associated with increased psychosocial distress. "Patients with high levels of cancer-related distress may become disabled with depression, anxiety, isolation, panic, and existential and spiritual crisis” (Albrecht & Rosenzweig, 2012) Left untreated, psychosocial distress can contribute to poorer quality of life, lower treatment adherence, and early morbidity. Counseling has been effective in helping patients learn to cope with cancer and reduce emotional distress. We offer cancer-related counseling free of charge to qualifying patients.

Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)

We are dedicated to making a difference by helping to relieve some of the financial burden associated with cancer care medication. Our Prescription Assistance Program provides financial assistance for people who cannot afford the costs of certain medications by partnering with select Pharmacies to assist our clients with medications that are not covered by patient assistance programs.

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Dental Program

Dental issues are common in many cancer patients. Chattanooga Cancer Support Services has partnered with dentists and denture providers to help patients undergoing head and neck cancer treatments. These services are provided at no charge to qualifying patients. We can help facilitate free oral surgeon evaluations or extractions for patients who have been diagnosed with head or neck cancer prior to receiving radiation therapy.

Nutrition Program

Maintaining adequate nutrition is a struggle for many cancer patients. Some cancer treatments can have side effects that cause people to lose their appetite and fall below a healthy weight. We provide nutrition services and supplements to qualified clients.

Lodging Program

To relieve the burden of lengthy and costly travel, Chattanooga Cancer Support Services may arrange overnight lodging for patients who live outside of Hamilton County and are receiving daily radiation therapy. 

Transportation Program

Chattanooga Cancer Support Services may provide gas cards to assist with costs associated with travel to and from cancer-related appointments.